For a long time we have been in search of alternative ways to acquire multi-cup equipment.
In this quest you will have such a possibility! You will need to search Puzzle Boxes that contain Puzzle Pieces and Gems.

Once you collect the equipment you have 3 options:

🔸buy your machine to the cafe using Gems (if you don't have enough Gems you won't be able to take the machine to the cafe)
🔸 exchange it for the bonus Puzzle Box
🔸exchange it for the new Puzzle Piece. The 2-cup machine can be exchanged for 3-cup Puzzle Piece, 3-cup machine - for 4-cup Puzzle Piece. The new Puzzle Piece is always a part that you don't have, you will never get a duplicate. Exchanging requires spending Gems since you can get a really valuable Puzzle Piece.

Your progress won't be lost till the next quest! 🎉