🔸Such a situation may occur if play from different devices simultaneously - Android and iOS.

In this case, you need to wait for the complete updates to be released on both platforms since updates are not always released simultaneously. We cannot influence the speed of updates review by the Apple and Google moderators.

If you play only on Android or iOS and don't use any other devices, please, try to delete the game from your device and download it again.

🔸Also, this error message may appear if you are using simulators, cloning applications, or a computer to play the game.

Our game is officially supported only by Google Play and App Store. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the correct work of the game on other platforms. We recommend our players have 1 game account on 1 device. Also, each game account must be linked to separate Google accounts to work properly.

If none of the recommendations above was helpful, please contact our support team using this link.