In the game, all players have the opportunity to see their friends who play My Cafe and invite them to the townships. But at the moment of invitation, the friend mustn't be a member of another town.

To be able to see your friends list in our game, please take the following steps:

- First, add people to your friends' list on the Facebook page
- Press the upper right corner of the cafe screen and then press the Friends button
- Log in with Facebook
- Restart the game

Your friends should follow the same steps as well.
To invite your friends to a town:

- Click on the Menu button and find the Friends icon
- Find the green arrow next to the friend whom you want to invite
- Tap on "Go to coffee shop"
- In the upper part of the screen, find the button "Invite to Township"


In order to see your friends, please, make sure that your game version is absolutely the same as your friends' game versions!