The Vacuum Cleaner is a new device available in quests that will allow you to explore the area more efficiently. They remove several items within their radius of action, and the player receives all bonuses from the removed items. To use it, you need to tap on it and locate it near the objects to be removed. Vacuum cleaners cannot be used if:

1) To clear the way, you need to produce something or find a unique item.
2) There are no objects in the vacuum cleaner range that could be removed.

There are two types of vacuum cleaners: Robo-vacuum and power vacuum.



Provided to players for free. The Robo-vacuum clears a small area around it. This vacuum cleaner can only remove objects that require a maximum of 15 energy.

The Robo-vacuum is powered by batteries. They can be found at quest locations or obtained in the free puzzle pass. You need 100 batteries to charge the Robo-vacuum.

The charge level is displayed around the vacuum cleaner. When the vacuum cleaner is fully charged, it is colored green; when it is not fully charged, it is colored gray.

NOTE: If your Robo-vacuum is fully charged, do not forget to use it, as, at the maximum charge level, the batteries you find will not be saved. Collected batteries don't go to the next quest, therefore, try to use all of them in the current Quest.


Power vacuum

You can use this vacuum cleaner only once, i.e. if you have already used a power vacuum, it will disappear, and you will need to obtain a new one. You can get a power vacuum as follows:

1) Buy for diamonds.
2) Get in the paid puzzle pass.
3) Purchase as a part of a special offer.
4) Find it at the locations of the Quest.

The power vacuum works in the same way as the Robo-vacuum. Still, its range is much higher, and it allows you to clean objects that require a maximum of 150 energy!

No worries if you didn't manage to use your power vacuums in the current Quest! They will move on to the next Quest 😉

By the way, you can watch this video to see how the vacuum cleaners work: