Here we will tell you about an exciting feature in Quests - Puzzle Pass!

🔹 What is it:

It is a roadmap with several milestones. Each milestone has a reward for a player.

🔹 How do we reach milestones:

To get to the milestone, a player needs to complete Quests' task and collect candies for them. The more candies - the more bonuses and rewards a player opens.

🔹 Free and paid roadmap:

There are two roadmaps - free and paid. Every time a player reaches a milestone, the reward on the free side is available. When the paid roadmap is activated, the player gets free bonuses and premium ones.

❗ The paid roadmap is only available during the Quests on which it was purchased. For the next Quests you must activate the paid Puzzle Pass anew.

🔹 There is no in-game notifications about reaching milestones in the Quest:

Do not forget to check the Puzzle Pass and the milestones you have already reached, as there are no notifications for this in-game action.

🔹 Rewards can be picked up later:

If the rewards weren't collected on time, do not worry. Because our postman Kevin will bring it personally to your café.