To keep our community safe and fun, we have several rules and resources that are important to understand. You can find everything here!



If you experience a game issue, please send a message to our support team in-game. Click the three bars (top right) > Settings (gear) > Support > Help > Chat Icon (either top corner).

If you CANNOT access the game, you can contact Support here:



1 - The official language of this page is English. This helps us understand each other better. Posts are primarily made in English. But comments are welcome in different languages. If you want to fully communicate in other languages - be sure to visit our numerous groups here:

2 - Please do not write comments on behalf of an admin team or developers. We want to prevent any incorrect information, but feel free to ask any questions you have! Inaccurate or false information will be removed.

3 - Do not use any foul language. This applies to the entire word usage, blocking the word with stars and abbreviations. The use of these words will result in the comment being removed.

4 - We respectfully ask that you keep the discussion on the My Cafe page. This includes the mention of other games. Irrelevant game content or discussion will be removed.

5 - Please do not show disrespect to the work of moderators, admins, or developers. There may be frustrating moments, but we ask that you be mindful of your comments directed toward the team. Comments may be removed per our discretion.

6 - Spam is unwelcome on the page. This covers a broad range of issues. Spamming township advertisements or other comments are not allowed and will be removed. Spamming external links or clearly inappropriate material is strictly forbidden. It will result in a ban from the page, with no exceptions.

7 - Trading, selling, or gifting individual accounts or townships is not allowed. Comments of the sort are not allowed and can result in a block in-game. Giving away a township is allowed, but it shouldn’t be traded or sold.

8 - Publicly announcing the intention to quit the game is not allowed. People tend to copy the behavior of others. Your statements may cause frustration for other players and cause them to leave the game. We appreciate your understanding and feedback. If you don't like something about the game - please feel free to share it on the page civilly. We'll be glad to assist!

9 - Cheating is not acceptable under any circumstance. Followers will be blocked from the page if they share cheating resources or have been verified as a cheater. Penalties may also apply in-game.

10 - Blocked off resources are not allowed. Comments showing an image of a player's cafe with the player ID or resources blocked off are not allowed on the page. We anticipate that the action is an attempt to cover up cheating. An exception applies to members sharing a cropped image for a meme or a cropped image that focuses on something the member asks about.

11 - Spoilers about the story or event are not allowed within two weeks of the update release. We offer our Story Discussion album in groups with each update for fans to learn and discuss the story.

12 - No toxic comments, posts, or actions allowed. We want to ensure that everyone's opinion is heard and that the page remains a safe space. Members that cause drama, invalidate the opinion of another group member or admin, or create provoking content may be banned from the page. This includes but is not limited to bullying, hate speech, or trolling anyone on the page.

13 - Fan Groups. As an official group member, your conduct plays a significant role on and off the page. We will not tolerate harmful, offensive, or toxic behavior on or off the page. This includes the discussion of the developers, an admin team, and other followers or players. You are more than welcome to join any group or follow any page, but consider that actions have consequences. We do our best to allow all opinions here and resolve all concerns. If you have a question or concern about this page or one of our groups, please send a message to the group Expert Lead or here on the page. There's no way to help followers who don't make us aware of a situation. Additionally, followers that are reported or caught spamming invites to members for another group, page, or site will be banned immediately, with no exceptions. Please contact a group Expert Lead or send a message to the page if you wish to make a report.

14 - Keep post content to its relevant topic. For example, comments of township ads where they do not belong will be removed.

15 - Naming and shaming are not allowed. Do not name a player and vent about them or share private chat screenshots. We strive to create a safe space for all and promote a healthy private discussion in place of drama. If you have a poor support experience, please send the page a message.

16 - Mini-Game Rules. Each Mini-Game can only be joined once. Winners are selected at random and are based on the number of participants. The purpose is to have fun! Play to have fun, not to win. Participation is limited to ONE group/page only. If you participate in multiple groups and the page, you will be disqualified from each.

17 - Follower expectations. As a follower of the official My Café: Recipes & Stories Facebook page, we expect to follow the rules. Rule violations will be met with an action or punishment that depends on the severity of the rule violation. This includes a mute or a ban from the page.

18 - Punishments & Warnings. Page consequences will range depending on the severity of the violation. We prefer giving followers a warning first. But we will mute or ban a follower if deemed necessary. We are NOT required nor obligated to provide notice. Please be aware of the page rules and your conduct. Bans may apply to other official groups as well. Punishments are given per our discretion with regard to Facebook policies and community guidelines.


We appreciate every follower and their participation here on the page. We want to remind you that our intentions are to create a safe space for all followers that allows for fun here on the page. There is no favoritism to any followers, and we do our best to exclude bias from our decisions. If you have any questions or concerns about a decision made about your comment, feel free to send a message to the page. We are more than happy to resolve any issues!

Thank you, and have fun!