Welcome to the deliciously rewarding adventure of Season Pass!  It's a special feature that adds a pinch of excitement to Festivals, making them even more flavor-filled!

What's it all about?

Much like a recipe with several steps, Season Pass is a roadmap where each step is a milestone and each milestone gets you a reward.

How to reach milestones:

Just like chefs in a cafe need to make dishes, you need to earn trophies during Festivals in the Season Pass to reach milestones. The more trophies you gather, the more bonuses and rewards you unlock. So, keep those trophies coming and watch your milestone rewards pile up. 👩‍🍳

Keep in mind though that there's no way to track the earning of milestones. So, make sure to check your Season Pass regularly and keep track of the milestones you've achieved.


Free and paid roadmaps:

There are two paths - a free roadmap and a paid one. Every time a milestone is reached, you can claim the reward on the free path. But if you crave something extra, activating the paid path will serve up both free treats and gourmet rewards. 😋


Just a heads up, the paid path is only available for the Season Pass it was purchased in. You will need to activate the paid path again for each new Season Pass.

Unlock the Season Pass item:

To unlock the special Season Pass item, players need to earn enough trophies.


Didn't collect your prizes before the Season Pass ended? No worries! Any unclaimed rewards will be delivered to the cafe within 10 days (you'll see a pop-up window with your reward). But, if no trophies were earned during the Season Pass, the very first reward, which is given without any cups, won't be restocked.

So, get ready and enjoy a fun and rewarding journey with the Season Pass!


This article is all about the exciting Season Pass feature in our game, which is different from Season Rankings. Season Rankings are a separate feature that lasts for a season (autumn, winter, spring, or summer) and includes several town rankings.

Season Pass however, is your ticket to festival fun and earning festival trophies. It will last as long as the timer in the Season Pass shows. 🏆