Here we will tell you about an exciting feature during Seasons - Season Pass!
What is it:

It is a roadmap with several milestones. Each milestone has a reward for a player.

How do we reach milestones:

To get to the milestone, a player needs to earn trophies during Festivals (and when the season is provided). The more trophies - the more bonuses and rewards a player opens.

Free and paid roadmap:

There are two roadmaps - free and paid. Every time a player reaches a milestone, the reward on the free side is available. When the paid roadmap is activated, the player gets free bonuses and premium ones. 
The paid roadmap is only available during the Season on which it was purchased. For the next Season you must activate the paid Season Pass anew.

How do the Season item can be obtained:

The item itself can be acquired uniquely. To unlock it, you need to gain enough trophies.
There is no in-game notifications about reaching milestones in the Season Pass
Do not forget to check the Season Pass  and the milestones you have already reached, as there are no notifications for this in-game action.
If you didn't take your prizes before the Season Pass is over, they will be added to your cafe within 10 days (you will see a respective window with the reward). But if you didn't earn any trophies during the Season Pass active period, the very first reward which is given without cups earning, won't be restored.