We are happy to introduce the new type of quests to you!

Now you can find quests not only in the red booth but in your own township as well!

Township quests are spreaded randomly among players, therefore at same time some players may have an active quest and others may not have it (in this case they will have a chance to get the township quest next time). To start completing the township quest tasks you should press the icon of a game character under the township emblem and come through a short dialogue with him or her.

Then you will see the task picture which shows what you need to do and what you will get for it. Township quests are related to various in-game activities (like upgrading the township building, earning festival trophies, buying furniture, etc.).

Each quest consists of one or several tasks. For completing the quest tasks you will get in-game resources or interior items. To collect the reward for the township quest completion, you need to open the township page.

Information for township leaders: you will have access to special tasks connected with the township development. For example, you will need to open the shelves in the treasure trove or send rewards to your township members.

NOTE: to start getting progress towards a quest task first of all you need to open the township page and press the quest task icon. If you don't do this before starting to complete the quest task, the progress towards the task might not be added even if the task conditions were met.

We hope that thanks to this new game activity you will be able to get many more useful prizes for your cafe development! ☕

Questions and answers

My township quest task dissappeared

Indeed some township quest tasks have a limited life period. Therefore it is important to check the timer on the township quest icon to see how much time you have to complete the task.