We are launching a completely new task system!

Before we were earning experience points mostly by completing level stories. Now we can earn experience points by completing cafe tasks! 🤩

As it is a completely new system, we will be launching it gradually, step by step. Therefore it won't appear for everyone right away. If you are among those who already have cafe tasks, feel free to share your feedback about it on our Facebook page, and in case you face any technical issues with the cafe tasks, you can always reach out to our technical support team

What is it?

Cafe tasks are the tasks which will appear at the upper left corner of your cafe screen. There is a wide diversity of tasks: from interacting with a client to completing a special order or buying a device.

What will it give to me?

You will get experience points which will help you to reach the next game level. Moreover, some tasks may give you an additional gift 😉

IMPORTANT: for playing the game with cafe tasks correctly, please make sure that you are not using any cloning apps, emulators and that you play the game on one device.