From now, when a player leaves a township or is kicked out of it during a festival, the following things will happen:

  • Now any player may take part in a festival, entering a township when the festival has already started (only if the player changed townships during the festivals no more than 3 times overall).
  • Player's cups will be removed from the township scores and from the township treasury (if they have not yet been spent), but the player's personal score will remain.
  • Cups which the player earned in the previous township won't be added to the new township festival score.
  • Neither the player's cups will be back in the township score if the player decides to return to the same township later.
  • Tasks completed by the player won't be back on the tasks board.
  • Player's accepted but unfinished tasks will be removed from the player's active tasks and added back to the board.

Moreover, now you can cancel first 5 festival tasks for free (regardless of the festival, only the total number of cancellations counts).