Merge event is a new time-limited in-game event in which you can play a merge game, earn event currency, and advance through levels in the merge pass with rewards. 

 The Merge event car appears in the cafe at the start of the event.

 Merge itself is the process of combining two identical objects on the field with each other. After it, you can complete customers' orders, earn currency and pass to other levels of the Merge Pass. You can combine objects of the same chain and level if both of them are either in the opened cells or if an object from an opened cell is identical to the object in the blocked cell.

  1. Merge event widget - here you can check how much energy is left for the event.

  2. Event currency widget - here you can see how much event currency you earned.

  3. Merge hard - shows the actual hard currency in the merge event.

  4. Information about the selected object on the field

  5. Special offers widget

  6. Queue of the objects - shows the object which were received as reward or purchased.

  7. Merge field

  8. The orders of the customers - here you can see the orders and the rewards for it

  9. Exit button


There are two types of objects in the field - simple and interactable.

Simple objects are objects on the field that can only be merged with each other on the field, submitted in orders, and used as a required resource for interacting with interactable objects.

Interactable objects are objects that require the player to spend another object or resource to interact with.

The required resource/object for interaction is indicated by an icon in the lower right corner of the interactable object on the field. 

Every interactable object has a limited set of times you can interact with it.