The new type of competition is here, and it is called tournaments!

What is it?

It is a temporary competition between players. Compete for the TOP places on the leaderboard to get precious rewards! To increase your ranking, you will need to get tournament points. 

The tournaments icon will appear on the right side of the screen between the festival and quests icons. The tournament icon won't be visible when the tournament hasn't yet started, the tournament is already over, or the Barista Challenge Blitz mode is on. 

There can be more than one active tournament at the same time.

To start participating in a tournament and join the cohort, you need to pass the qualification, i.e. earn the required number of tournament points.



It is a menu where players can check their position in the cohort and tournament rewards, learn how to get tournament points, check the name of the tournament and how much time is left till it is over.

It can be accessed by pressing the tournament icon on the right side of the screen after passing the qualification.



Tournament rewards can be checked on the leaderboard by pressing the gift button.


When the tournament is over, the leaderboard will appear, and to get the reward, you will need to press the "Collect reward" button. If there is no such button, it means that there is no reward for the player's position.

If you didn't manage to collect the reward in time, no worries; it will be added to your account automatically when the next tournament starts.