Collections is a new game event which allows players to collect series of cards and get rewards for this. You can access collections by pressing the button to the left from the gifts menu. Collections are available for all players starting from level 7.

Each collection consists of 64 cards, divided into 8 series of 8 cards in each. The collections can be completed only within a certain period of time. You can see how much time is left to finish the collection by checking the timer below the name of the collection. 

The collection progress can be tracked in the bar at the bottom of the collection menu. The progress grows with getting new cards. By reaching a certain milestone of the collection, you will get the reward that is shown on the milestone picture. To collect the reward, you need to press on its picture.

The collection cards can be obtained from the packs of cards. There are 4 types of collection packs: pink, blue, purple and gold. 

When you open a pack of cards, you will see what cards you get, and they will drop to different series. 

You may also get a magic card. The magic cards are unique and extremely rare. You can use a magic card instead of any missing card in a series. These cards can be saved for future collections. If you get a certain amount of magic card, you may get an extra reward.

If you got repeated cards, they will turn into the collection points. When you get enough collection points to fill up the Collection Points bar under the timer, you will get a reward. To collect the reward, you need to press on its picture.

To see the cards you have in a series and track the series progress, you need to press on the series icon in the collection menu. You can track your series progress in the bar at the top of the series window. When you finish the series, you will get the reward for it. To collect the reward, you need to press on its picture.



When you finish all the series, the collection will be completed. The completed collection is not saved, and it will be removed when the next one starts (except for magic cards).