There's no possibility to send any resources to each other in the game. All the players are at completely different levels and with different amounts of resources. If there was an opportunity to get all the necessary resources from your friend, this would upset the balance in the game and destroy the game's economy. If every player has everything they need, there is no interest in the game.

In My Café Game, only the Town leader or assistant can send resources, and only the ones that the whole Township receives after each Festival.

To distribute prizes, go to your township treasure trove.
Treasure trove consists of shelves. After each Festival, the town which won the prize-place gets the Festival reward which appears on the shelves at the treasure trove. Only these resources are possible to be sent to the citizens.

The town leader needs to choose the citizen from the treasure trove citizens list. Then it is needed to tap the green arrow to the right from the resource (1) to transfer this resource from the treasure trove to the citizen's café. Then it is needed to tap the "OK" button (2) and confirm the resources sent.
After these actions, the citizen will get the message in the game mail with the "Prizes from the treasure trove" title. After opening the mail, the player will get all resources (which the town leader has sent).

For the first time, only a few shelves are available for town leaders. To get the opportunity to send the resources from the locked shelves, unlock them for the treasure resources. To do this, it is needed to tap the green "lock" icon:
And then tap the "OK" icon (if there is a necessary amount of resources in the treasure).

Although sometimes any player can see special offers (at the top right) where resources go to the treasure trove and can be distributed among all township members! :)

Any township member can buy such an offer, and the township leader/assistant may distribute such resources.