If you are a township leader and need to delegate some of your responsibilities, you can assign one or several players to help you out.

1. Open your township and press the town hall building.
2. Choose the player and press the Pencil button.
3. Then you can choose one of the following roles for the player: Leader's Assistant, Manager, Recruiter, Resident. You can choose a role depending on the responsibilities you want the player to have.
Once the assignment is made, this player will receive a notification.

New Leader Appointment

If you want to stop playing, you can appoint another member to the leader's position. 

To do this, please, contact our technical support team and state the new leader's name and your township name.


  • Do not assign a stranger to be a leader's assistant!
  • If you (the leader) leave your township, it will be absolutely destroyed!
  • Several or even all the township players may be assigned to help you out.
  • Leader's assistant can neither assign this role to other players, nor remove or change the status of other leader's assistants!



  • Only VIP 1+ players can have the leader's role (exception, see here)
  • If you had already transferred the leadership to another player, but then changed your mind, the new leader has to contact the support team and transfer the township back to you.