In addition to regular tasks, there are also personal tasks available. They consist of more complicated and more profitable tasks. You can see them as big yellow buttons on the board.
Such tasks are available for each player in the town and are personal, which means that if you decide to complete it later, be sure no one else will accept it :) All other town members may either complete their personal tasks or leave them for later.

Once you tap on the personal icon - a new menu is available. It consists of 39 tasks: receiving gifts, serving spices or regular dishes to your customers, earning/spending coins, rubies, diamonds, tickets.
Once you complete such a personal task, it disappears from your board and is no longer available. However, other township members can still see it if they don't complete it.

To see players on personal tasks right now, go to the very bottom of the board.

How do personal tasks appear?

When you complete common tasks, they disappear from the board, and another task appears at the end of the board - it may be either common or personal.
When you complete personal tasks, they disappear, and no new tasks appear.

Let's have an example :)
Imagine that our board has a continuation of all the next tasks. The last task on the visible part of the board is Tea for 410 trophies.

- if you complete a personal task, Tea will still remain as the last task on the board
- if you complete some common task (let's say guarana task), it will disappear, and a new task - Hot chocolate for 425 trophies - will appear.
- to be able to discover the next personal task 4 common tasks should be completed

Thus, to discover more personal tasks, all the township members should complete common tasks. The more members are in the Township, the more active they are - the more chances to find personal tasks.

Useful facts about personal tasks:

- usually, there are 5 personal tasks among all 400 tasks, 2-3 at the start
- total number of personal tasks may vary
- information as to when exactly new personal task will appear is unavailable and vary every Festival
- the number of personal tasks and tasks themselves are the same for every Township in every league
- if you cancel a personal task, it will still be available to accept

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Good luck!