Please, save your in-game progress! You will be able to restore it if you move to a new device, play on several devices, or if you have to reinstall the game.

How to save the progress?

You can save your progress with the help of Facebook or Game Center/ Google Play.
- Go into the game settings
- Click 'Accounts'
- Click 'Link' on Facebook or Google Play/ Game Center.

Watch the video for instructions:

Click 'Stick with this cafe' to save a new game.
Click 'Download the game from ...' if you played recently. This will restore your previous progress.

How do I see that the progress is saved?

When you link an account, the green "Link" button will change to 'Linked.'

You can use Facebook and Game Center/ Google Play accounts to save your progress.
You can use both of them for the same in-game Account, too.

* Blue Facebook button in the game settings DOESN'T save your progress. It downloads your friends from your Facebook account (you can see them in the list of friends)