Suppose you have previously saved the game to Facebook/Google Play/Game Center. In that case, you can always upload the previously linked game.

For this, you need to tap Main Menu in the upper right corner - press Settings ⚙️- Accounts
- choose Facebook/Google Play/Game Center

Here's the short video with the instructions:
There may be a choice between the previously saved game and a new game. Please check the café level before uploading the café on your device, since another café will be lost.
If the needed Account didn't appear, check all the possible Facebook, Google play, and Game Center accounts.
You may need to log in to another account to retrieve your old café.

If you lose access to your Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center, click the links and follow the instructions.
If nothing helps, and you still can't restore your game, please reach out to our Support and do the following steps:

1. start a new game and link it to Facebook/Google/Game Center (Main Menu - Settings - Accounts)
2. provide us with your NEW game ID (Main Menu - Settings - numbers in the lower right corner)
3. provide us with the info about your OLD game ID: 1) name in the game, 2) township you were in, 3) game level, 4) VIP level.

If you had VIP-level on your old Account, please provide us with the additional info.
Android: GPA-number of any My Cafe purchase (the purchase history can be found here:
iOS - screenshot of any My Cafe purchase (the purchase history can be found here)