Where are the special offers?

The special offers section is located in the upper right corner of the café screen.
You need to click the icon and find the special offer that you need.
I see bank instead of special offers
Please, follow these steps:
  • wait a bit.
  • enter the town and come back.
After that, special offers should show up.

I never see special offers!

Actually, it's a rare issue, but if you face it, try to do the following:
  • make sure that your App Store or Play Market account location is the same as your current location now. You may not see offers because their availability may depend on the region.
  • change your internet provider. Some internet providers may give dynamic IPs, which also affects the special offers.

Nothing helps!

If nothing helps, please contact our technical support team. Describe the situation in details, and we will do everything possible to help you.