If you see Watson when you try to enter the game, it means that your account has been blocked.

It's rather sad, because we had to suspend your account due to game rules violation.

It means that we detected at least one of the following violations:

  • Abusive Behaviour
  • Use of Third Party Software 
  • Unauthorized Gem Selling / Buying 
  • Buying, Selling and sharing game accounts
  • Melsoft Staff impersonation
  • Phishing other players' accounts
  • Refund abuse
  • Knowingly exploiting a bug
  • Encouraging others to break the rules
  • Asking for or providing personal contact information
  • Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scamming

Please read our game rules here..

You will not be able to access your account. You can start a new game and play fair, though.