If you see Watson when you try to enter the game, it means that your Account has been blocked.

It's rather sad because we had to suspend your Account due to a game rules violation.

It means that we detected at least one of the following violations:

◾ Abusive Behaviour
◾ Use of Third Party Software
◾ Unauthorized Gem Selling / Buying
◾ Buying, Selling and sharing game accounts
◾ Melsoft Staff impersonation
◾ Phishing other players' accounts
◾ Refund abuse
◾ Knowingly exploiting a bug
◾ Encouraging others to break the rules
◾ Asking for or providing personal contact information
◾ Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scamming

Please read our game rules here..

You will not be able to access your Account. You can start a new game and play fair, though.