We can share the most important advice - don't level up until you have enough coins for the equipment.

Once you level up, all the customers and special guests (Diego, Charlotte, etc.) will automatically ask for new recipes because they know you've reached a new level and want to try something new from the Menu.
We suggest saving up coins before reaching a new level to avoid losing profit and being stuck during special guest events. You can find all the equipment prices in our Official Facebook group HERE, and this way, see how much money you need to save :)

If you have already leveled up and are short of coins, you can purchase simple equipment - it costs less than upgraded ones, and you will be able to serve some simple recipes.

Also, here are steps you can follow to earn faster:

1. Use tea/coffee containers.

You can buy them in the equipment section - they can be really helpful in earning coins! All you need to do is to tap on the container and choose an option that suits you:

If you decide to use it in the future, you can choose the 'Extend automatically' option. In this case, you get a discount, and once 7 days are over, it will be extended automatically.

Once you turn it on you, need to go to Your recipes and set higher prices (they should be intense green color)

2. Serve special orders to your customers.

Special orders contain spices and are more expensive than usual dishes! Additionally, you will get a simple gift or a ticket for completing 4 orders of the same customer. You will also receive a ticket for completing 5 orders! So you are not only earning coins but earning simple gifts and tickets as well!

3. Activate booster "Increase prices". Prices for all dishes on the Menu will automatically be increased by 150% during 1 hour.

Additional ways of earning coins:

- complete phone and township orders
- open gifts
- win in the daily lottery

To earn more coins in general, we suggest increasing your tips % - buy expensive furniture and decorations and see how fast your income increases! This is long-term advice, and it's really worth it to spend some time now to earn more in the future!

Good luck!