Every festival, each player has 5 free tasks to complete, but with the help of stylish building, you can increase this number!

Stylish buildings are fancy decorations of your township and will help you achieve better results at the festival.
Stylish buildings do not affect your tips, so it doesn't have to match your café style :)

With each building upgrade, you can perform one additional free task, a maximum of 5 tasks.

If your township building is level 2, you have +2 additional tasks, so in total, you have 7. If you have a level 5 building, your total free tasks are 10 for each festival!

Stylish buildings cost 50, 500, 5000, 50 000, 150 000 rubies for each upgrade. You can find information about how to get rubies here.

You can buy several stylish buildings, but only the one you put in your township gives you free tasks! If you have Loft building level 5 in your storehouse and Chester level 1 in your township, you will have one additional free task!

When you leave a township, your building automatically moves to your storehouse, and once you join a new town, you need to place your building - go to your township, tap on your building and tap ''UP'' button :)