There are two important buildings in each Township - Treasury and Treasure trove.

In short - The Treasury helps your town to open new members slots and unlock shelves with prizes, while the treasure trove - is where all festival rewards are stored.

Let's take a closer look!


What is it?

Treasury is a special building in the town, where people can contribute their resources for the further development of the Township.

All the township members and owner can contribute their resources to the Treasury. Still, only the township leader or assistant can use the Treasury and spend contributed resources.

What for?

Resources from your Treasury can be spent on building new houses in the Township where additional players can be accepted later or open shelves with prizes.

How do I use it?

To contribute to the Treasury, tap the treasury building in the Township.

Inside, you can see who already contributed to the Township and how many resources are there.

To make a donation, tap on the green button at the bottom ''Contribute to your Township development''. Tapping on green arrows, you will choose the number of resources you donate. You can also tap on the diamond and type the amount manually.

After that, tap the "Transfer to treasury" button, and resources will be donated :)

Additionally, you can donate spices to your Township right from your cafe screen! Just open your spice box and drag any spice on the Treasury button.

Important facts

- treasury resources cannot be shared between township members
- if you decide to leave the Township, you will not be able to get back donated resources. They will remain in the Township!
- only diamonds and coins can be contributed to the Treasury
- only players who unlocked all slots in the spice box can send spices directly from the cafe
- spices will be converted into diamonds automatically

Treasure Trove

What is it?

It's a place where all your festival rewards are stored after each Festival is over: diamonds, rubies, spices and gifts.

What for?

Prizes won after each Festival can be shared by the Leader or assistant between all township members. Players receive rewards to in-game mail.

How do I use it?

To distribute prizes, go to your township treasure trove, choose a player and then the exact reward amount for that particular player.

You can use green arrows or type the amount manually by tapping on the shelf.

Important facts

- there are three opened shelves: diamonds, rubies and rose petals

- to be able to distribute other rewards, each shelf should be unlocked - you need to use resources from your township treasury ( diamonds and coins ) and also your township trophies

- shelves can be unlocked one by one following their order