We totally get it: you want to keep your cafe bustling with activity, no matter which device you're on. We can help!🍵


💾 Saving Your Progress:

  1. Open the menu in the right corner of the cafe screen and tap on Settings ⚙️

  2. Tap on 'Accounts'

  3. Tap on the Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center button to link your game


If it says "Signed", congrats! Your bustling café is now linked to your Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center account, and your progress is safely tucked away.  


🔃 Switching Devices:

Not a problem for a savvy café owner like you. On your new device, just follow the same steps as above, and voila! Your café is back in business. 😊  

If you're moving from an Apple to an Android device (or vice versa), remember, you'll need to sign into the same Facebook account as on your previous device. Only by linking the game to your Facebook account can you successfully move your café across platforms.  


⏪ Restoring Progress:

And hey, even the best entrepreneurs face a hiccup or two. If something goes awry, and you misplace your account, don't sweat! With the right details, we can help you find your way back to your café!

For more info on restoring progress, check out this page.  


⭐ Special Note:

For our café entrepreneurs in Russia, please note that Facebook is officially off the menu. If you need to move across platforms, you'll need our support team to lend a hand. Just reach out!  


Keep brewing, keep serving, and keep your café alive, no matter where you are! ☕