If you suspect anyone, please contact our Support, provide the exact nickname, and why you think this player is cheating.

We would be grateful if you ask for a cheater's check once you have a significant reason.

Significant reasons for a player check:

1. low VIP level and too many machines for several cups;
2. low VIP level and earning too many trophies during festivals ( gifts tasks);
3. low VIP level and completing too many tasks during festivals ( 10 and more );
4. VIP 0-5 and 5 employees in the cafe
5. low VIP level and considerable donations to the Township at one time
6. game level that is higher than the last existing level

If you are a township leader and spotted a cheater in your Township, please expel them immediately and report them to our Support ASAP. We will remove cheaters contributions from the township treasury, and the Township may avoid being banned.