Energy can be obtained in several ways.
Please be informed: the frequency and amount of energy you receive these ways may vary due to the type of particular quest and game balance. Energy can't be saved for future quests and can be used only in the quest where it was obtained. 

  • Watch TV advertisements (there are 5 available attempts per day)
  • Special offers with advertisements
  • Completing certain quest's task
  • Opening doors/exploring areas
  • Collecting food and drinks
  • Obtain for diamonds
  • Find in gifts which are located in the quest's areas
  • Crafting energy (by greenhouses or other similar generators). Wait until it is generated automatically (1 energy/3 minutes, up to 120 energy can be generated this way)
  • Find in lucky chests
The following energy bars can be bought with diamonds. The cooldown period for each offer is different. Some energy bars may cost fewer diamonds but has a longer cooldown and vice versa: