Make a confirmation for purchases with diamonds

Sometimes players click through the stories and spend diamonds unintentionally. We understand that it can be frustrating. However, we do not plan to make a confirmation because we create the stories to be read. Also, if we make a confirmation, it can still be clicked through - so we don't see a point in it at this time.

Diamond ATM

We are not planning to introduce it because we have Rubies ATM right now. The reason is that diamonds are invented as rare in-game currency, which should be in deficit. The players either purchase it for real money or earn it with in-game activities. So, its goal is to be rare - this is one of the main principles, and if we make it easy to get with coins, it will mean the end of economics. However, we have a lot of ways to earn diamonds in the game, starting from watching the ads and finishing with the festivals. And various strategies can help to get more diamonds.