• Players may take part in a festival, even entering a township when the festival has already started (but only if the player changed townships during the festivals no more than 3 times overall).
  • If a player leaves a township during the festival, the player's cups will be removed from the township scores and from the township treasury (if they have not yet been spent), but the player's personal score will remain.
  • Cups earned by the player in the previous township won't be added to the new township festival score.
  • Neither the player's cups will be back in the township score if the player decides to return to the same township later.
Add additional prizes for townships in the marathon

Thanks for the suggestion! We will consider it for the next marathons!

Tasks for the whole team
It's a good idea to have tasks for the whole town (tasks where the whole town contributes towards 1 common goal: make recipes with 500 spices, watch 200 ads, etc.). We will consider how to implement it at the technical level.