Make the blue Dice 7 - 12

We get disappointed when the Dice shows 1-6, but that's how it was supposed to be: each number on a dice has an equal chance of falling (1:12), and you can get 12 as often as you can get 1. If we make the Dice 7- 12, it would be more expensive, and we don't want to do it.

More options to gain dice and purple gifts

Yes, we are planning to add more options in the future.

Red gift in the bunny color match

We are calculating the game balance for this option now. If it works - we can make it. Stay tuned!

Why does Liam ask for many spices?

It's good to combine Liam's orders with spend spices tasks. That's why we make some of the orders more complicated. We understand that sometimes the orders may be too complex. Still, the players can skip them. It's a standard process for the game balance.