When you're away, staff members will help to keep your cafe going. Each staff member has up to three skills and each can be leveled up. The higher the skill, the better the benefits.

How to Hire Staff


Experience and Skills


1) Skill level
2) Skill. 
For each level of experience you achieve, you can upgrade one skill for free. The others skills must be updated with 99 diamonds
3) Experience level 
4) Experience points. The experience points will help you increase the general level. To get Staff XP, allow your staff members to serve guests on their own, it doesn't include phone orders. 

 Skill level cannot be higher than experience level

Experience Levels: 

Staff Information

Employees can make all kinds of recipes, except those with spices.

Employees do not serve special orders or gain experience if you assign car or phone orders.

Availability by level

  • 1st Employee: Level 0 (Ann)
  • 2nd Employee: Level 4
  • 3rd Employee: Level 8 or unlock for 75 diamonds
  • 4th Employee: Level 10 or unlock for 499 diamonds
  • 5th Employee: VIP 6