Turn items by 360 degrees

We are working on this feature. So far, our challenge is to keep the game stable for weaker devices with this feature.

Edit mode and easy to use storage

We are working on those features, as well. So far, our plan is to
1) split the storage by sections or make something easy to find there
2) make a button to send all items to the storage
3) make an edit mode like remove customers or staff, but we may also develop this feature
We can't name the dates for that yet - but we definitely have it in our plans.

New expansions

We have set a task to make it in the nearest updates.

More stands

Yes, we support the idea that more equipment needs more stands to keep the cafe in one substyle. We'll make calculations and will be able to share the news with you:)


We are already working on the new styles and their tips to keep the in-game economics stable.


Thank you for your suggestions! We agree that some of the unique items should bring more tips, and we have started the calculations about them!