You can enter the game chat by pressing the chat bubble on the right side of your screen. The game chat consists of two tabs: township chat and global search.

The township chat is available for the players whose game level is 7+. In the township chat, you can talk to your teammates, get notifications about resources distribution and changes in the team.

The global search is available for all the players in the game. It allows adverting townships to other players, or finding a township to join.

By the way, you can also use the "Advanced search" option, which will allow you to find a township that will fully meet your preferences.

If there are any new messages, or adverts in the game chat, a blue dot will appear on the chat icon.

Advert Publishing

Adverts in the global search can be published by any player whose township role is higher than Member. If you want to publish an advertisement, you need to press the "Publish advert" button.

At first, you will see the information about your township, which will be visible to other players. It can be adjusted in the township settings. Posting an advert costs some resources from the township treasury. You can see how much it costs under "Resources needed". 

When you are ready to publish the advert, just press the "Publish advert" button, and your township will appear in the global search. The advert will be active for 12 hours.

When the advert is published you will see the timer which shows how much time is left until you can publish another advert. You can speed up the time for the next advert by using diamonds from the township treasury.

✨Important Notes

  • The township chat is meant for discussing game strategies, festival results, rewards and sharing the fun of being a My Cafe entrepreneur. Make sure to keep all communications appropriate and relevant to the game, as anything unsuitable may be removed.

  • You can report any inappropriate comments. Check our Terms and Conditions for more information.