Which bonuses can you get for watching ads in our game?

- You can have from 6 to10 videos per day available for watching.
- No more than 2 videos can be watched every hour. Only after an hour, you will be able to watch 2 more videos.
- You need to make a pause from 5 to 7 minute between watching 2 videos.

Advertisements Clock:
- You can watch from 5 to 8 videos per day.
- It appears in 5 minutes after entering the game for all level 16+ players
- The clock will be visible for just 30 seconds, but if you miss an advertisement or the video is not shown for any reason, the balloon appears again in a period from 9 to 15 minutes.

- The rewards for watching videos  - 1 spice or 1 ticket from TV ad. 
- up t0 15 diamonds from advertisement clock

If the videos have ended:
- If the videos have been ended in your region, you will receive 100 coins as compensation
- You will get 10 candies in Quests