Which bonuses can you get for watching ads in our game?

- You have 10 videos per day available for watching.
- No more than 2 videos can be watched every hour. Only after an hour, you will be able to watch 2 more videos.
- You need to make a pause for 7 minute between watching 2 videos.

Advertisements Balloon:
- You can watch 8 videos per day.
- It appears in 5 minutes after entering the game for all level 3+ players
- The balloon will be visible for just 30 seconds, but if you miss an advertisement or the video is not shown for any reason, the balloon appears again every 15 minutes.

- The rewards for watching videos have also been changed; now you can get 5, 7 or 10 diamonds for each advertisement! The reward will be randomly generated. We wish you good luck!
- You can get 5 diamonds for watching ads from the advertisements balloon.

If the videos have ended:
- If the videos have been ended in your region, you will receive 100 coins as compensation
- You will get 10 candies in Quests