The main parameter by which groups are formed is the number of trophies scored at the previous festivals. The number of players in the township is not considered while the opponents are selected.

For instance, there are 20 citizens in the township. The half can be inactive; there could be only 5 citizens in another city, but each of them can have a high VIP level and an elite subscription. For this reason, groups are not formed by the number of citizens in the town; this parameter does not reflect the real activity of the township.

You always meet opponents of about the same level who you can compete with because you gain approximately the same number of cups at the previous festivals.

But still, there is an element of randomness in the selection. Your group can have both stronger and weaker opponents.

If your township participates in a festival with active and strong townships, do not worry. Just continue playing, develop your township and soon, your city will also be among the strongest in the game.

We wish you good luck at the further festivals! 😊