There are five kinds of Boosters, each having a unique use. Uses range from Increasing the prices of menu items without the coffee or tea containers and having your staff automatically refill machines.

Boosters can be obtained in numerous ways, such as levelling up, purchasing, and winning them in the Bunny game. To get started, talk to Fernando.

♡ Question & Answer:

Question: What are the ways that I can get Boosters?
Answer: Players can find Boosters in the Booster Gifts, when levelling up, in the Bunny game, from social media contests. There may be some new ways in the future. Stay tuned!

Question: Are there any changes with the update?
Answer: Yes! Purple Gifts are now in the same category as Booster Gift. You can also find Dice in the same tab as Boosters!

Question: When do Boosters become available?
Answer: All Boosters and Booster Gifts become available at level 8.