We understand that sometimes you might encounter some hiccups with in-game purchases, and we're here to help.

👀 Why don't I see the items I purchased in the game?

A weak internet connection can sometimes prevent your purchased items from appearing in the game.

To resolve this, follow these steps:

  1. Restart your device
  2. Open the game again
  3. Check to see if your purchased items were added to your account

⭐ Remember, it might take a few hours for your purchase to show up in the game, depending on your payment provider. If, after waiting, your items are still missing, hit the Support button in the game.

We'll need some details about your purchase, including the number of items purchased, the time of purchase, and the purchase receipt.  

🧾 Why do I see an extra charge on my receipt?

Sometimes Apple combines multiple purchases onto one bill, so it's possible that the charge you're wondering about includes earlier purchases as well.

You can read more about this here: Apple Support.

👻 Why did my purchase disappear?

If you've made a purchase and received the items but then found them missing, it could be due to playing the game on multiple devices. To avoid this, log out of the game (Menu → Settings → My Accounts → Log out of social media accounts) to help sync both devices.

If you notice an old save on a second device:

  1. Turn off the internet
  2. Log into the game
  3. Close it
  4. Turn on the internet again
  5. Log back in to the game

Your latest save should load automatically.  

🤔 What can I do if I'm having trouble making a purchase?

This could be due to a shaky internet connection, temporary issues with the App Store or Google Play, or problems with the store app itself.

Also, make sure to check your payment information to ensure it's correct.

If you're on Android and you see a message saying "Oops! Something went wrong..." when trying to make a purchase, clearing the cache of the Google Play app might solve the problem.  

If all else fails, please contact the customer support of the App Store or Google Play. They're there to help, just like us!  

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Keep adventuring, Islanders! ⛵