Ready to add more sparkle to your adventure? ✨ Let's dive into getting the Jewelry Workshop and Pearl Pond.

🚀 Achieving Level 36:

Upon reaching the exciting milestone of level 36, make a beeline for the Buildings section of your Home Island store. Here, you'll discover the Jewelry Workshop with the prompt "First talk to Eva," and the Pearl Pond beckoning you with "First fix the Jewelry Workshop."

💎 Getting the Jewelry Workshop:

  1. Get your family on board and set sail to complete Mysterious Island missions. Discover the Mysterious Egg and use it to upgrade the Pyramid on your Home Island.
  2. After you complete the Mysterious Island missions, a dialogue with Eva will begin, satisfying the "Talk to Eva" requirement to unlock the Jewelry Workshop.
  3. Once you've wrapped up the conversation with Eva, you'll be given the task to set up the Jewelry Workshop.

🦪 Unlocking the Pearl Pond:

With the Jewelry Workshop set up, your family's thrilling adventure continues on the Expedition Islands. Keep accomplishing tasks and engaging in family discussions to be guided towards Pearl Island.

  1. When you reach Pearl Island, you'll embark on a quest to find the elusive Black Diamond.
  2. Once you've found the black diamond on Pearl Island, return home to finish constructing your Jewelry Workshop.
  3. Set up the Pearl Pond on your Home Island, bringing a touch of luxury to your island life.

Time to bask in the radiance of pearls and jewels! 🌟 Your island adventure just got a whole lot glitzier!