Treasure Island is the first event in the game. In the example you will see what personal missions look like, how to fill up the progress scale of the island, you will receive gifts for its exploration and collect your first energy generator - Time Fountain.

This particular Treasure Island has an important feature: it doesn't have rating competitions. This is your personal Treasure Island tutorial, there is no one to compete with yet. 

Also keep in mind that if your first Treasure Island coincides with another global event, that other event won't be available to you for the entire period it was set for. For example, there’s a Champions Island in the game, and it lasts for five days, three of which you had your Treasure Island tutorial. When you finish the Treasure Island, you will be able to access Champions Island only for the two remaining days. But the next event will start for you according to the global calendar and you will explore it for its full duration.

As soon as the time for your Treasure Island runs out, the island disappears from the travel menu with all the uncollected resources. That’s why we recommend you keep an eye on the timer and don't leave anything important behind.

The most important thing that you need to collect is the Time Fountain. This is your first energy generator that recharges with time spheres. The spheres are crafted in the workshops that can be found on Treasure Island and you can also find them in rewards for rating competitions.

Time Fountain                                       Time Spheres Workshop
Time Fountain  Time Spheres Workshop
The fountain gives 5 energy before you upgrade it. You need time spheres for the upgrade. After the upgrade you can receive 40 energy three times, and then the fountain drains and returns to giving 5 energy. We recommend stocking up on spheres as you can receive a lot of extra energy with their help!