Hello, beautiful islanders! 🌺

We hope you're enjoying the Seasonal Garden and watching those botanic powers grow stronger each day! 🌻

👩‍🌾 Here are some fabulous tips we want to share with you:

🎈 Ready for takeoff! When our family travels to the garden, we like to ride a hot air balloon. But hey, watch out! If you place any of those amazing decorations right in front of the balloon, your game characters won't be able to reach the flower bed.

So keep that path clear, peeps! 👏

If you ever see a "Characters cannot reach the destination" message, it means you've got an obstacle to tend to. 🚧

Just tap and hold the object to replace it or put it back in the shopping cart. Easy-peasy! 😉

👧🏻 Lizzy’s Lucky Advice: Our seasonal garden is super cozy, but it does have limited space. While decorations add excitement to the game, only a certain amount will fit.

💐 Now let’s bloom & blossom even brighter on our island adventures!