🙆🏻‍♂️ Hey, fellow islanders! 

Need some energy to keep those islands thriving? We got you covered!⚡️

Natural Energy Restoration

Energy points naturally restore over time. You'll get one energy point back every two minutes. ⌛️ It's like taking a quick power nap for your island dreams. 😴

Upgrade Your Family's House

And guess what? Your energy limit increases as you upgrade your family's house. 🏡

Extra Boost of Energy

If you don't want to wait around, here are some other ways to get that extra boost of energy:

  1. Feed your hardworking family members - they deserve it! A well-fed family is a happy & energetic one. 🍽️
  2. Complete the Merchant's and Shaman's orders- Not only will you reap the rewards, but you'll also revitalize your energy reserves along the way.
  3. Keep an eye out for chests and rare items marked with a gift box icon. 🎁
  4. Receive energy when a family member takes a refreshing shower or visits the bathroom- Trust us, it's not just for personal hygiene. It's an energy-generating zone! 🚿
  5. Participate in special events - Look out for unique energy generators that can give you that extra oomph during these exciting times. 🎊
  6. Stay on top of your Order Board - It’s a ticket to energy paradise. 📋

Energy Generators

Hang out around Energy Generators such as the:

  • Picnic Spot 🧺
  • Basketball Hoop 🏀
  • Totem of Happiness 🤗
  • Time Fountain ⛲️

These handy spots are both fun & double as Energy Generators. ⚡️

Social Media Giveaways

You can also score Energy by sending us a Facebook Message (once every 24 hours), and stay tuned to our social media pages for our many giveaways! 🧑‍💻

🌴 Keep exploring, keep thriving, and keep those energy levels up! 🌟